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 Thank you for visiting our club website. Here you are able to review information on our club, obtain local trail conditions, apply for membership and view snowmobiling pictures from our groomers and sleds.
The door to our clubhouse is always open so come and join the fun!
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Alpena Snowdrifters
PO Box 109
Alpena, MI 49707
alpenasnowdrifters@gmail.comOn Facebook:alpenasnowdrifters
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Alpena Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club

Sledders are welcome to park and ride from our barn at the corner of M32 and Herron Road. This will put you right at the interesection of Trail 4 and 464(connector trail to trail 992 from trail 4)

Support those that support snowmobiling!!!


For up todate conditions see report page. Please note that this page is ONLY updated when conditions change so what you see is our best estimate of conditions.

Ignore the picture date as it was taken on November 8, 2013
Groomer School 2016-17
About 25 members of the Snowdrifters enjoy pizza dinner while attending the clubs annual Groomer Operators School. Several new drivers along with past operators reviewed grooming operations, equipment, and of course required DNR paperwork.
While riding our trails watch for two very unique features of our trails; 
1. On trail 4 just east of Hillman we have a private elk herd on the north side of the trail. Many times they are right at the fence at the trail so have your camera.
2. On trail 992 just north of Maple Lane Road on the west side of the trail you cab observe a 100 deep sink hole. THis has a unique water fall off the north side so makes a great picture.

Once again this year club members donated 64 turkeys to a local charity for their distribution to  needy families in our area. This is the 5th year club members have reached into their pocket to help others. Super members with helping hearts.
New Staging Area:
Thanks to a grant, the City of Alpena has built a new staging area for us and others to use which will replace the old small staging area we had near Pied Piper School. This new lot is located off Woodward Ave. and has lots of parking and 4 heated, yes heated bathrooms. The Pied Piper lot will not be plowed so please use this new lot. To access the new area from the old lot go south on Wilson to Johnson Street by Alpena Buick. Turn left on Johnson and go approximately 1/2 mile to Woodward Ave. on your left. (you will travel past the college and turn just past their pole farm)  Turn left on Woodward, going north, until you see the lot approximately 3/4 mile just before the railroad crossing.