Trail Conditions 2021-2022

All Trails are closed to protect landowners as we have no snow remaining from rain and warm temps.​

Saturday March 5

Trail 992 Alpena to Posen:   FAIR
Trail 4 Herron Rd. to Alpena: FAIR
Trail 4 Herron Rd. to Hillman:  POOR
Trail 464  Connector :  POOR
Indian Reserve Road Trail: Poor due to logging
Devil's Lake : POOR

Lack of new snow and warmer temps have taken a major toll on trails. We will not be grooming again until we get new snow. 

Wednesday Jan 19
Trails 992 and 464 were groomed this morning after a 1 or 2" of wet snow last night. 992 is very good and 464 is good.  Trail 4 from Herron Road to Alpena was groomed Saturday and is also good. TH\he remaining trails will not be groomed unless we see additional snow 46((THe 
Wednesday Jan 12
All trails have been groomed but we do need snow. Best trails are the railroad grades trails 992 and 4 which are good to fair. Lots of logging on the Indian Reserve Road trail so be very careful of heavy equipment and branches in trail. Grooming is stopped until we see more snow.

Jan 8th
We did get about 3 to 4" of snow on top of the little we had on the ground so everything is now white. Sleds are using trails but need another few inches to groom. Looked at panning but since the snow is very light it will not pack well behind drag and not improve riding. Stay safe and ride right!!!! 

Tuesday Dec 21: After removing over 50 trees from the very high wind storm of last week, trails are again cut open and waiting snow. Ground is presently bare to that should tell you riding conditions. Merry Christmas
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Please note that we will do our best to give you an true indication of existing trail conditions but also be aware that they can vary greatly as our system covers a very large area. If it appears that the update is from a few days back it is because either the conditions have not changed or we are out riding. 
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Special Note: for the 2022 season the City of Alpena Trail will be closed to all traffic as they have not completed the new bridge yet. Trails 4 from Hillman and 992 from Posen will still be open to Alpena for food, fuel, and lodging but not between the 2 trails. Connecting of trails 4 & 992 must be done by using trail 464