Trail Conditions 2019e

Saturday March 23 8:00AM
This will be the last trail report of the season unless we get  new snow before April 1st. Trails still have snow but are very hard and travel between trails using roads is not possible. Forecast is for rain and temps in the upper 40's . So Happy Spring

Thursday March 15 8:00AM
Lots of rain and warm temps have really taken a toll on trails and especially county roads. All grooming has stopped until we get new snow. So trails are fair at best

Wednesday march 6 *AM
Trails are all being groomed and are in very good condition. Watch for deer on trails and please ride safe.

Sunday March 3 8:00AM
What a winter so far with no snow in December to will it ever quit in February. With  groomer running more also see more issues with broken drags and flat tires.  Trails are very good with a bump here and there due to bridges and drifts. Please ride safe

Tuesday Feb 26 4:00PM
Trails have gone from almost perfect to fair in one big storm. It stated with warm temps, the rain, then freezing rain oh is it cold. Groomers are trying to groom frozen trails and remove trees and branches but trails are far from prefect yet. If you ride please be safe and watch for the unexpected.  

Friday Feb 22 7:30AM
All trails have been groomed the last 2 days and in excellent  condition. Forecast for the next couple days is rain so we will have to wait to see what falls out before we can groom again. If riding trail 992 between Alpena and Posen please watch for deer as we are seeing 50 to 100 every time we groom. Ride safe and please stay on trails as makers.

Monday Feb 18 7:30AM
Trails are being groomed but have two issues that have developed. First we have a drag down with broken welds which might take a day or two to repair. Secondly we had hunters destroy trail 464 with about 6 trucks getting stuck them bringing in wreckers to help destroy the trail. If riding on this trail section please be aware of logging and now hunters.
Thursday Feb 14 7:30 AM
The recent snow storm brought over 8" of new snow and high winds causing lots of drifting. Groomers have been out and trails are in very good condition. Wind is still causing some drifting so please slow down and ride safely. Also watch for logging on trail 464.

Tuesday Feb 5 7:30AM
The past couple days took its toll on trails and snow depth. Forecast does not look good for today through Thursday for a little snow but rain and freezing rain. Need to have temps drop for a couple days so tractor does not rut trails due to soft base. So with that said trails are rated fair at best.

Sunday Feb 3 8:00AM
All the traffic yesterday took a really toll on trails. Club parking lot was so filled that groomers could not get out of barn to run. Guess not a big deal as temps today are in the mid 30's with rain coming. Trails there are from fair to very good but will be grooming until Tuesday if forecast is correct. 
Monday January 28 8:00AM
Grooming will be on hold today until the present winter storm passes by. Trails are in very good condition and are being groomed as needed. With the very cold temps trails are holding up very well. 

Thursday January 23 8:00AM
Finally new snow has arrived with about 4" and another 3" today. Groomers will again be out starting tomorrow and get all trails ready for weekend. Riding will be cold but trails should be excellent since we had a good base. Ride safe

Monday January 14 5:30PM
Grooming will be on hold until we get more snow. TRails are rated from poor to fair to good since our trails cover a large area. Please conditions on trails closer to Alpena and north

Saturday, Jan. 12th 7:00AM
TRails Fair to good
All trails have been groomed but we need more snow. Grooming has been placed on hold until we get more snow. Best riding will be near Alpena and north. All trails are rideable but we do need snow. Trails are like first snow with an ice base so please ride safe and enjoy a day in the woods. Watch for logging on TRail 464 which will run all winter.

Thursday January 10 5:00PM
We got between 3 to 6" of snow last night which makes grooming a real pleasure. Trail 992 is very good to Posen, Trail 4 is very good from Alpena to Herron Road and then to Hillman is fair to good. Trail 464 is very good as are other trails. 
Stop by our trail stop/open house this Saturday the 12th from 11 to 3 at our club house corner of M 32 and Herron Road on TRail 464
Wednesday January 9 7:20AM
TRAILS: POOR/FAIR We had a very warm weekend which eliminated most trails . Then came the storm which dropped about 3" of snow with lots of wind followed by ice/rain. Groomer are on hold as snow is too wet to run but might try tomorrow to check for downed trees. If you ride please be safe and watch for issues on trails.

January 3 8AM

Groomers have been out and trails are in FAIR condition. Had to remove lots of low hanging branches so watch for those missed by groomer. This is first snow so watch for issues on trails until we get more groomable snow. A special thank you to Thunder Bay Sledheads for their help on cutting branches.

January 1, 2019 Tuesday
Well the big snow storm has come and gone and we got about 4" of new snow not the 6 to 10" predicted. Better then nothing but not enough to groom yet. Trails should be rideable for a few sleds but will be like early riding as we had no base. Ride carefully and watch for any hazards that might appear on trails.

Sunday , Dec 29 7:00AM
Still no snow!!!! After a month where we got about 2" of snow on Christmas eve then you got it RAIN! We have about 1" of snow on the ground now but even forecast for this week is not good. So we wait and will update when or if things change.

Thursday, November 29 7:30AM
Well about to start a new grooming season but first we will be out in force this Saturday opening gates, repairing signs, and again removing downed trees. At the present time we have no snow so it maybe a while before we can snow to build a base. We note that on Trail 4 at the intersection of M 32 and M65 toward Hillman we have rerouted the trail slightly due to new Dollar General construction. Please Please follow new route and stay off the farmers field as it is planted. Just follow the signs!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday Feb 20 8:00AM
Terrible!!!!! That says it all.

Thursday Feb 15 7:30AM
Poor!!! That says it all.  Sun and almost 50 degrees did it all.

Monday Feb 12  5PM
After getting between 4 to 6" of new snow Sunday all trails have been groomed and are as follows
Trail 992 very good
Trail 4 Herron Rd. to Hillman  fair tom good
Trail 4 Herron Road to Alpena very good
Trail 464 Connector very good
Roads will open quickly if it warms as forecasted but think trails will be ok

Thursday Feb 8 7:00PM
Trails are poor to fair to really not bad. Trail 4 to Hillman is in need of snow and only fair at best while trail 992 to Posen is quite good. With that said we will not be grooming until we get snow which does not look good in the forecast. Sorry but best we can do without snow.

Wednesday Feb 5 12:45PM
Groomers have been out as we got about 6 to 7" of new snow on Sunday.
TRail 992 from Alpena to Posen: GOOD
TRail 4  from Alpe to Hillman: Fair to good
Other trails: Fair to good with ice base

Our annual TRAIL STOP will be this Saturday the 10th from 11 to 3 at our club house on Herron and M32W right on trail 464 just north of TRail 4. Stop by for free refreshments and snacks and see what our club is all about.
Sunday Feb 4th 10:30AM
We got about 5" of new light snow last night so are chancing our trail report to "FAIR" Trail 992 to Posen will be the the best and should be totally rideable as it had an ice base. The rest of the trail system had little to no base so you will be following the ground contour so please be very careful. Stay on trails and watch of others riding.  
Thursday Feb 1 6:45AM
Who would have thought that we would still be waiting for snow on the first of February. We did get about 2" of snow which helps but need another 4 to 6" to start the panning operation again. So still poor and waiting

Friday Jan 19th 5:00PM
Poor says it all!!!!

Tuesday Jan 16 5:00PM
We got about 6" of snow yesterday but with little base and it being very fluffy did not do much to the real trail . We will run the groomer tomorrow on TRails 464 and 992 as they had a base left from the thaw. Would say that if you want to ride the trail 992 from Alpena to Posen is the best. Trail 4 to Hillman is very questionable as they got less snow to the west. 
Thursday Jan 11 7:00AM
46 degrees and rain coming. That should say it all about trail conditions. We will not being grooming unless we see good snow which is not in the forecast. So we wait.

Saturday Jan 6 4:00PM
 We did get a couple inches of snow in town but less as you go north and west. Grooming has been slowed due to lack of new snow and very cold weather (minus 20) Hope to get back on trails in the next couple days as forecast is for warming temps and a little snow. Trails are still fair and totally rideable. Trail 992 to Posen is best.

Wednesday January 3, 4:00PM
Trails 464 and 992 to Posen where groomed today and really not bad except for a couple short sections south of Posen. All other trails are only fair as we really need more snow and soon. We are going to halt grooming until we get additional snow as grooming in marginal snow is a waste of snowmobiler dollars. Pray for snow to come our way.

Monday January 1, 2018  3:00PM
We have received any snow for a few days and therefore trails are still onlt fair condition. TRail 992 to Posen is still the best but does have a few areas hat have base showing. Other trails are still fair and we have slowed grooming due to need for more snow. Will update if we get new snow.

Wednesday December 27 1:00PM
Trail 4 to Hillman was groomed today and reported to be fair condition by driver but improving. Trail 464 and trail 992 to Posen will be groomed tomorrow with 992 still being in good shape. We only got about 2" of snow over the weekend but trails are slowly improving. We need more snow but everything is getting better just slowly. Please stay on the trails and do not trespass as trails are too hard to get if landowners shut us out.

Sunday, December 24 6AM
All trails have been groomed the past 2 days. TRail 992 to Posen is good while the remaining are fair. We do have about 4" of snow but several trails have rutting caused by trucks and need more snow to fill. All are rideable but please ride carefully as this is our like first snow conditions. We will not groom over the holiday so volunteers can be with family.
Friday, December 22 5:00PM
We finally got about 4" of good groomable system snow. Trail 992 to Posen was groomed and in excellent condition; Trail 4 to Hillman is fair while trail 464 between trails 4 & 992 is good. This snow allowed us to pack a good base and if forecast is right should freeze up and give a great base for future grooming. Game On!!!!! Please stay on trails and ride safely. 

Monday, December 18th 10:30AM POOR
We groomed Trail 4 to Hillman this past week mainly to look for more downed trees. Trail 992 from Alpena to Posen is rideable if you must go but we badly need snow. Weather for next couple days is for warming but maybe a snow storm Thursday into Friday. Time will only tell.

'Tuesday, December 12, 17
About 3" of snow on the ground this morning but still a ways from riding or grooming. This past week we again had to cover our 90 miles of trails to remove about 125 downed trees of various size up to about 30" A lot of work requiring over 50 man hours of volunteers using their personal trucks and time. Thanks to all that help and as with most clubs always looking for additional members interested in helping on trails as they do NOT just happen without a lot of work by a few.

Monday, December 4, 2017 
A gates have been opened expect a gate west of HIllman that we must keep closed until the 15th per the request of the landowner. This past Saturday we removed over 50 addition downed trees and replace several dozen signs destroyed during deer season, Mainly by trucks not hunters. No snow yet but do need cold temps first as due to rain have lots of trail rutting especially in logging areas so be very careful on first ride once we get snow.

Tuesday March 7 3:30pm
Snow is all gone and so is riding for the season it appears. 

Thursday March 2 7:00am
We did get about 6 inches of new snow yesterday which should make trails rideable. As we lost most of our base expect early season riding at best. Groomers may not run due to rain before snow causing issues and forecast for weekend of melting temperatures. 

Monday Feb 20 5:00PM

TERRIBLE!!!! That is a simple trail report,

Saturday Feb 18 1:30PM
It is 53 degrees outside and snow melting fast. Trails are on the poor side of fair and will all be poor by tomorrow. No more grooming until we see snow.

Wednesday Feb 15 8:00PM
Trail 992 to Posen and 464 connecting trails 4 and 992 were groomed today  with the remaning rails being groomed tomorrow. TRails are mostly very good condition.
Sunday Feb 12 7:15AM
Most trails  were groomed yesterday after we got another 2" of snow. Trail 992 to Posen is very good while trail 4 is good to fair. Better toward Alpena then Hillman. Devil's Lake trail needs snow so we hav held off grooming.

Sunday Feb 5 2:15 PM
We did groom the trails yesterday and today and would say they are from good to fair to "I see dirt". Trails 992 and 4 are the best with trail 992 being the best. We do need snow and trucks have caused rutting on several trails during the January thaw. We try to fill best we could but please be careful if you ride.

Thursday Feb 2 7:30PM 
Poor to maybe fair.
Received a couple inches of new snow the past couple of days which is helping trails but we need a couple more to start grooming. Trail 992 between Alpena and Posen will be the best if you want to ride as the base stayed pretty well after the recent thaw.

Monday Jan 30 7:30AM
We did get a little snow over the weekend and at tis rate so be able to groom by early July!!! Trails are still white after all thaw last week but are in bad need of snow before we can groom again. A few inches would be great but for now we are still rating trails POOR!

Thursday Jan 26 5:30PM
The last week took care of all the great trails and snow we had. Last night we got about 1" but it quickly melted today and even had a little rain. So trails remain very poor and unrideable at this time.

Thursday Jan 19 10:30 AM
  Well so much for good trails. Rain and now several days of warm temperatures have done them in. Groomers will not run until we see new snow and it will take a few inches to get everything back to square one. Will update when things change.

Tuesday Jan 17 8:00am
Groomers ran over the weekend including trail 992 and 464 yesterday. They are super but right now we are getting a little freezing rain and then turning to rain with a warm week or so. If people stay off trails they should be ok but only time will tell. One groomer clipped a tree when it slid off the trail causing a lot of damage to roof, mirror and lights which will need repair. Waiting for adjustor to call and have had deale look at damage but no estimate yet.

Thursday Jan 12 3:30PM
 Groomers ran yesterday and today after we finally got groomable snow. What a difference snow can make when you are grooming. We got 3 to 4" of snow last night so grooming today was great. We had a hard base and with this new snow trails are in very good condition. Best is still Trail 992 to Posen which has a great base for grooming. Trail 4 to Hillman and the connector trail 464 between trails 4 & 992 are also very good. 
Tuesday Jan 10 11:30AM
About 2 to 3" of snow last night and forecast is changing to rain later today. Hopefully groomers can run tomorrow and Thursday so can give better trail report after that. As they say "Stay Tuned"!!!

Friday Jan 6 7:30AM
Trail conditions are still poor as we only got a trace of snow this week after the rain earlier in the week. Forecast does not look like much snow coming so I guess we just sit and wait.

Monday Jan 2 5:30PM
What a difference  a da can make in trail conditions. Two days of sun and almost 40 degrees along with a forecast of rain  tonight have and will take a total on trails. Most are still white but until we see more snow they are rated poor to at best fair.

Sunday Jan 1 8:00 AM
We did get some snow yesterday which did help trail conditions. Groomer ran a little yesterday and is again this morning mainly to cover truck damage during the past thawing. All trails are rideable but still in only fair condition at best. Trail 992 to Posen should be the best riding at the moment.

Thursday Dec 29 1:30
Trails are still in poor condition and in need of snow. Most are still white so about 4" of new snow would be great.
 Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!

Monday Dec 26 5:00PM
Freezing rain to rain is never good for trails. Then sun and 48 degrees so you can guess trail conditions: POOR!!!!!

Friday Dec 23 7:30AM
What a difference a day or two make. Warm weather and sun have taken a toll on trails that had y dirt showing. Forecast is also not good with maybe rain on Monday after Christmas. Will update when conditions change. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Tuesday Dec 20 7:00AM

Groomers ran again yesterday and found a lot of changes in snow depth across system. Trail 992 from Alpena to Posen was very good with good snow and flat. Other trails have a base but might see a  dirt here and there.

Sunday Dec 18 5:00PM
Groomers ran today and will finish trails tomorrow. Snow depth on system various from about  4 o 6" but is very light and fluffy so does not pack  but does fill holes. Riding can be done but not even close to good as we need snow with moisture.

Sunday Dec 11 7:00AM
All trail are ready for use with exception of snow. We have had a little dusting and in town about 3" but as you go south or west almost nothing. Once we get snow we will cover all trails as quickly as possible but if you are the first to ride watch for issues such as downed trees as we have had a lot of wind.

Thursday December 1 6PM
Gates will be opened this Saturday as club members cover the complete trail system. This involves several members opening all gates, repairing any sign issues and cutting up downed trees. We have no snow as of yet but only time will tell when we can finally begin grooming. Will update this report if or should we say when we get snow.

Thursday March 24  4;45 PM
Just a quick note to say we did not get all the snow predicted and got maybe 3" in most places. Since we had zero base trails are not really rideable even if we get a few more inches. TRail 4 from Salina Road to west of Hillman is closed and gated due to very wet areas and protection of landowners. Trail 992 from Alpena to Posen would be the only trail that could possibly be ridden but we do not recommend it

Monday March 7 7:30AM
Even though we still have lots of snow grooming as stopped due to temps and rain. If the forecast is right for the week, it appears the snowmobiling season has ended. Grooming can not be done with temps in the 30's so we can only wait to see what happens but it appears it might be still to summerize the sleds and get the rakes out.

Saturday March 5 7AM
Well all trails were groomed for the weekend and reported to be in good to super condition. With the 9" of new snow in Alpena and a little less west and north drivers reported good grooming which means good riding. Trails are seeing lots of traffic and if forecasts are correct could be the last weekend to ride. Will update Monday but believe groomers will be parking for the summer very soon.

Tuesday March 1 6PM
Groomers ran today and after a very interesting week of heavy snow and drifts over 4 feet to 50 plus degrees on the following day with lots of traffic, trails are still in rideable condition. Might find some ice in small sections but over all not bad. Forecasy is for warming temps next week so trails might disappear soon.

Thursday Feb 25 8PM
Just got back from grooming trail 4 from Alpena to Hillman. We got 9" of snow yesterday along with high winds with  caused lots of drifting. Some drifts up to 4 and 5 feet which makes tuff grooming. One tractor is down but the other is running as best it can. Trails are good but still drifting.

Friday Feb 19 4PM
All trails were groomed yesterday and are or were in super condition. Today it got 40 degrees with full sun and forecast is for rain tonight so you can guess what will happen to trails. We can not groom until it cools down and hopefully we still have enough snow to groom. Update as weather changes. 

Wednesday Feb 17  7:00AM
Trails are all in super condition and forecast for the next couple days is still good. Friday forecast is for rain so we will have to wait to see what happens. Grooming will be done THursday in advance of the warming predicted

Friday Feb 12 1:00PM
All trails have been groomed today and according to drivers in very good to excellent condition. We are seeing some drifting on trails due to high winds which are expected the next couple days. Forecast is for very cold temperatures and a little snow so trails should be great over the weekend.

Wedneday Feb 10 7:30AM
What a different grooming when you have fresh snow. Got about 2" of wetter snow yesterday and aother 3" of fluffy snow last night. All trails are being groomed today so everything should be very good by weekend. Forecast is for very cold temps this Saturday with wind chills in the negative 20'S so trails should hold up very well

Sunday Feb 7 8:00AM
After a great Trail Stop yesterday and lots of sleds we need more snow to really make thtrails excellent. With that said most riders indicated trails were quite good and for my the best they have seen  this winter. We have slowed grooming some due to lack of new snow as we ca only more the old snow around so many times. 

Tuesday Feb 2 5:00PM
Had to make a grooming run to TRail 468 Devil's Lake TRail to repair trail damage from a truck. Seems they rutted the tail during the warmer weather. Found the trails were quite good and if we get a few inches of new snow should be ready to go by weekend.  Also found dead sheep on trail!! Yes a dead Sheep. Someone must have just dumped it by trail so we loaded into the bucket and too to a site for DNR removal.

Sunday Jan 31 7:30AM
Yesterday the temperature was 42 degrees!!! Yes 42! So trails really took a hit by weather and traffic. Today is forecasted for rain so could only be worse today. 
We have parked the groomers waiting for more snow which come Tuesday night  so wait. So trails are only fair with west of Hillman rating poor due to lack of snow.

Friday Jan 29 4:30PM
All trails have been groomed and reports from the groomer seats is good to very good on all trails. Might find a little snirt and a few bumps west of Hillman in a short section as we do not have enough snow to fill all the ruts caused by atv's this summer. Hopefully we will not get the rain forecast fo Sunday but will try to keep everyone updated.

Tuesday Jan 26 7:45 AM
All trails were groomed yesterday and are in very good to fair. Trails 4 and 992 are best except a small section west of Hillman on Trail 4 which needs more snow to fill ruts caused by atv's. We do need snow and got about 1" last night so pray for another 3 to 4". Trails are all rideable but we do need more snow to really make them prefect.

 Friday Jan 22 5:30PM
Groomers ran today and all trails are quite good with an exception of Trail 4 west of Hillman which has some snirt and a few bumps due to lack of snow. We have had very little snow the past week so grooming old snow. Weather forecast is not good for snow so grooming may slow a little.

Thursday Jan 21 12:30PM
Groomers have run today and will be out again tomorrow finishing up the remaining trails that where not covered today. All trails are good to very good since the wet areas have frozen and now can be groomed. We have not have much new snow in the past few days but trails have a good hard base with a coating of fluffy snow making good riding.

Tuesday Jan 19 7:00AM 
All trails were groomed yesterday and operators report very good to excellent conditions. Wet aea west of Hillman is now frozen so it too can be groomed. Trails have a great hard base with a little snow on top for lubrication of sides. Ride safe.

Sunday Jan 17 7:45AM
Trails are generally in good shape with a few areas of little snow. We did get rain FRiday so grooming is on hold until the snow coming tomorrow. TRails are reported to be very rideable with TRail 992 the bestStill have a small section west of Hillman on Trail 4 we can not groom due to water. No proble for sleds but groomer would only make a mess.

Friday Jan 15 7:30AM
All trails have been groomed and are in very good condition to excellent. Still have a very short section west of Hillman that groomer can not pass though due to water but no issue with sleds. Also thanks to DNR the water issue on trail $ toward Alpena is gone as are the beaver causing the issue. Maybe a little rain today so we will groom over the weekend depending on traffic and weather. Ride safe.

Tuesdays Jan 12 7:45AM
We started grooming again after getting about 6" of new snow Sunday and a little more this morning. TRails are in good to very good condition but please watch for a few wet areas that have not yet frozen up. West of Hillman on Trail 4 we have small section that groomers can not run until it freezes as well as wet area on Trail 4 east of Indian Reserve road thanks to our local beavers.  Also trucks and hunters rutting trail 464 as quickly as we groom so go slowly. 

Sunday Jan 10 7:45AM
After a few days of warm weather and some rain we finally got about 4" of snow and it is still snowing. Riders will find some wet areas on the trail until they freeze up this week with the colder weather expected. Groomers will be out either later today or tomorrow depending on wind or snow so please ride slow and enjoy the ride. 

Friday Jan 8 3:30PM
The warm weather the pass couple days are taking its toll on the snow we have. Rode about 50 miles of the system yesterday and it was very good at that time. Rain is in the forecast for tonight so I would say that until we get snow, maybe Monday, everything is on hold as to grooming and riding. Maybe just watch football this weekend will be the best idea. 

Monday Jan 4 7:30AM
Trails were groomed this weekend but still have several wet areas that need to freeze up. Also have several hunters with trucks on trail 464 so watch for them as they continue to tear up the trail.  Looks like groomers will be parked until we see more snow as we have just about wore this snow out moving it around. TRail 992 to Posen is best riding with good snow it trees areas. All trails can be ridden but due expect early season riding.

Friday Jan 1, 16 7:20AM
All trails have been groomed and over 100 trees removed from past wind storms. Expect to find a few wet areas on trails as we have not had any cold weather to freeze them up yet. In general trails are all rideable but do expect first snow riding conditions so go slow and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday Dec 30 7:15 AM
Well we finally got snow so groomers have been out and will be again today. Still removing a few downed trees but major trails are cleared and others should be done by noon. We got between 4 to 10" of snow on out system and trails are not bad for first snow. Watch for waterholes as with the warm weather not everything is frozen yet. Yellow flag is due to water and this is first snow.  Please slow down and enjoy the ride.

Monday Dec 28 4:45PM
Still waiting for snow. Have had lots of wind so been out removing downed trees; Over 50 today. Under winter storm warning for several inches of snow and high winds. So we can expect more downed trees so if we get ridable snow and you get out please be careful and watch for downed trees until we can clear the trails. 

Sunday Dec 13, 2015 5:00PM
Trails are ready if the snow ever comes. Today rain and lots of it with more tomorrow. Trucks are causing lots of issues on trails with major ruts so when we get snow it will take time to fill them all in. Forecast does not look good for the next few weeks but only time will tell. Merry Christmas

Tuesday March 10 3:00PM
Yesterday 50 degrees and again today so you can guess what happened to trhe trails. Open areas are burning though quickly showing lots of dirt as are all roads. We would say that grooming and riding has come to an end unless we see lots of new snow which is NOT in the forecast. So even though gates are open trails are not rideable except in a few sections. Have a great spring and thanks to all the volunteers for grooming this winter.

Monday March 9 8:00Am
Groomers are out today for maybe the last time if weather forecast is right; sun & 40's. Right now all trails are good to very good with a few thinner sections here and there. Looks like grooming will end today unless we see new snow.

Thursday March 5th 7:45 AM
We did get a little new snow Tuesday to whiten everything up and help cover the thinner snow areas. All trails will be groomed today and by looking at the long range forecast might be the end so now is the time to ride. All trail trails 4 & 992 are very good while the rest of our system is mostly good but you might find a thinner sections here and there. Please ride safe.

Saturday Feb 28
Sorry for delay in reports but took a little vacation. All trails were groomed yesterday and reported in good condition. Trail trails 4 and 992 are very good while others are mostly good.

Monday Feb 23 5PM 
All trails groomed today and are from very good to fair. Again best snow is closer to Alpena and thinner as you go west or north. Rail trails 4 and 992 and very good but you will find a few thinner areas west of Hillman and up by Posen. All other trails are good but will find a little snirt in a corner here and there. All trails are very rideable but we have not seen any new snow in about 2 weeks. Please ride safe and stay on trails.

Tuesday Feb 17th 7:30AM
All trails groomed yesterday and reported in very good to OK condition. Best snow is closer to Alpena and on rail trails #4 and 992. Connector trail between trails 4 & 992 (464) is good to very good. Snow thinner west of Hillman and north of Posen. Please ride safe.

Friday Feb 13th 2PM
Just got back from grooming Trail 4 to Hillman. It had a few thinner sections west of Hillman but very good toward Alpena. Trail 992 to Posen and trail 464 were also groomed today reported in good to very good. Devil's Lake 468 will be done later today and should also be good.
Sunday Feb 8 8:00AM Good to Fair
Trails saw a lot of traffic yesterday and we did not see the big snow snow that was predicted. We did get maybe an inch or so and hope to be grooming later today and tomorrow. Do to snow conditions we are doing somewhat limited grooming so as not to wreck the base we have. Riders yesterday reported good rides. North of Posen on 992 has very limited snow so check Presque Isle  report on for their conditions.

Wed. Feb 4 11:00AM
Groomers are running and trails are from very good to fair with mostly good. Rail Trails 992 and 4 from Alpena to Posen and to Hillman are very good while other trails are mosting good with a few fair sections here and there. All trails are totally rideable  Groomers will have all trails ready for the weekend so get out and ride and stop by our TRAIL STOP on Saturday the 7th.

Saturday Feb 1 8:30 AM TRails are in very good to fair condition. Trail 992 to Posen is very good while Trail 4 to Hillman is good to fair as are all other trails. We do need more snow but hope to groom in the morning to clean up from heavy weekend traffic. 

Friday Jan 30 7:45 AM
Good to very good!!!!!! We got about 5" of new snow across our trail system and groomed late yesterday and groomer is presently finishing TRail 4 to Hillman. With the cold weather last night trails froze up well and are the best all season. Rail grades are very good while side trails are good but watch for a few truck ruts and stones. Ride slow and enjoy the ride.

Thursday Jan 29 7:30AM RIDEABLE
It is snowing!!!!!!!!!! Forecast for up to 4 to 5" Groomers might to able to run if this continues. Will update later as the day goes on. 

Saturday Jan 24 7:30AM
Why is NYC getting all the snow? Can you ride your sled in Central Park? If anyone knows the snow gods please email them as we need snow. Trails are white and have been ridden but they are in poor condition.

Wednesday Jan 21 4:00PM
Man is this a long winter without snow. After last season of steady grooming we still do not have enough snow to groom. Sleds have been on the trails but conditions are marginal at best.

Saturday Jan 17 6:30AM
Trails still do not have enough snow to ride nor groom. With the warmer weather predicted for the weekend conditions will not improve. So trails are poor and unless we get 4" or more snow conditions willnot improve.

Tuesday, Jan 13 7AM
We have only changed the flag from red to yellow as the trails do have snow cover of varing amounts across our system. Most trails are closer to red then yellow since if they had any traffic the snow will be very thin. Still not grooming and forecast for the next week is not good.

Friday Jan 9, 2015
We have about 4 to 5" of snow in town and different amounbts across the system. We are not yet grooming but if a person needed to ride trail 992 to Posen would be your best bet. Since it is a rail train with a very smooth surface it should be good. Other trails will be questionable since this snow is very light and does not pack. Again watch with rocks, Truck ruts and other issues when you ride.

Saturday Jan 3, 2015
Already January and still waiting for snow. Have about 2" on the ground and it is still snowing. Good snow since it is very wet but is our first snow. Forecast is for an additional 2 to 4" but only time will tell. When we do get enough snow to ride please remember this is first snow and trails have water holes, major truck tire ruts and rocks exposed. Please ride safe!!!!

FRiday Dec 26 5:30PM
Still no snow & none in forecast. So you can guess what trail conditions are.

Tuesday Dec 23 7:00AM
Still getting rain and no snow in forecast. The snow we did have is all gone to snow heaven so trails are still closed. Not sure when we might get snow so we still sit and wait.

Thursday Dec 18 7:00PM Closed
We got a mojor snow storm yesterday of about 1/2" Yes 1/2"! Forecast does not look good until maybe the middle of next week.

Friday Dec 13 7:30 AM CLOSED
Does not look look for snow the rest of the month. Rain for Monday and warmer temps will make sledding impossible. Trails are ready but no snow yet.

Tuesday, December 2  3:45PM:
All gates have been opened and signs repaired so all we need is snow. First snow will find a few issues due to all the water we have had this fall along with some major truck rutting. After spending thousands of dollars grading trails we find some areas destoryed by trucks. They are now frozen so will take a snow and grooming to fill them in. 

Please note: The staging area behind Stanson Floor Covering on M32 across from Walmart has been closed as the property has been sold to Meijer for a new store. We are looking for another location but for now snowmobilers are encourage to use our new clubhouse on the corners of M32 and Herron Road

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Please note that we will do our best to give you an true indication of existing trail conditions but also be aware that they can vary greatly as our system covers a very large area. If it appears that the update is from a few days back it is because either the conditions have not changed or we are out riding. 
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