Trail Conditions 2022-23

Special note that city trail connecting trails #4 and #992 will be open this season once we get enough snow. (6" plus)

 Trail conditions:

    Trail #4 Alpena to Hillman: White

    Trail #992 Alpena to Posen: Fair

    Trail # 464 Connecter from #4 to #992: White

    Trail # 461 Indian Reserve Trail: White with logging

    Trail # 462 Norway Ridge: White

    Trail  # 468 Devils Lake: White

Jan 20, 2023 FRiday
THe big storm has past and left us with from 2 to 5" of new very wet snow. not enough to groom as we had zero snow base and standing water on some trails. Trail 992 would be rideable but the rest are very questionable.

Jan 10 2023 Tuesday
All trails are closed as we have zero yes zero snow on our system! This has been another awful winter for snow so trails are closed until we get snow, maybe by July 4.

Dec 31 Saturday
All trails are bare from the warm weather this past week.

Dec 28 Wednesday
All trails have been groomed and are in fair to good condition. Lots of hanging branches and trees where cut and have been removed to open trails. Warming weather predicted this coming week will not do well with trails as we had not base before this past snow of 4 to 8"

Dec 21 Wednesday
We have covered all trails this week to remove trees from our last wind storm only to see we are under a blizzard warning for Thursday night to Saturday night along with several inches of snow. So with that said we will not have groomers out in the storm nor on Christmas as many operators are not in town and with family. So if we get the snow and you must ride please be extra careful for downed trees and  branches on trail. Would be really great of sledders that do go our they removed trees and branches on trails to help our volunteer groomer operators. Also since we have zero snow right now this will be first ridding so be be extra careful/ 

Dec 7 Wednesday
All trails have been brushed and signed over the past couple months. Since we have had lots of high winds we have removed several trees but will not check trails again until we see snow coming. As of now we have zero snow but ground is starting to freeze which will help any low areas. 
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